Hinton Trip

Last summer was slow for Doug and I.  He was on call more than usual and it kept us from traveling too far from home.  We made a few side trips to Drumheller, Mulhurst Bay, and Saskatchewan, but that’s about it.  Usually in the summer we’re gone every weekend.

July 11th we met up with a few friends in Airdrie, had a quick coffee and headed into the mountains.

The weather was awesome, by awesome I mean hot without rain.   Actually it was a bit too hot for me, and we did run into a fair bit of smoke along the way, but I’m not complaining!  It was a great ride!

Wait!  I guess I do have something to complain about.  When driving through the mountains there’s always lots of traffic and so much to see.  So why is it that everyone is in such a hurry?  No wonder there are so many accidents, CRAZY PEOPLE OUT THERE!  Chill out guys, enjoy being in the moment.  Be courteous to other drivers, and for God sake WATCH the bikers! Not all of us have noisy bikes, but they are usually bright and shiny and easy to see!!!  We have some awesome drivers who are friendly, wave and then there are THE CRAZY ONES.   Can’t tell you how often drivers either don’t see us, or try to push us off to the side of the road.

It’s frustrating when people cut you off, especially when you’re on a bike pulling a trailer.   It’s not like we go slow, we usually do a bit over the speed limit, trouble is when WE HIT THE GROUND we have very little protection.  And to make matters worse they seemed oblivious  to the fact that they almost killed us, and continue cutting off others along the way. . . Grrrrrr!  OK, I’m done my rant now . . .

It didn’t take long to get from Airdrie to Cochrane.  From Cochrane we continued down 1A to Canmore.  The following maps show our route to Hinton.

Once we reached Saskatchewan River Crossing things got a lot hotter, highway 11 was closed and there was a fire burning near the gas station.  Authorities were deciding whether to evacuate some of the buildings, and had placed water hoses on all the roofs.

We stopped for a short time to gas up, have lunch and take a few pictures.  Slowly we made our way through the Columbia Icefields, past the new Jasper Skywalk, and finally stopped at the Jasper Skytram.

The last time we were at the skytram was 1985, our boys were little and I was expecting our daughter.  I can honestly say I enjoyed this tram ride more than the last.  Unfortunately our mountain top view was limited due to smoke.

From the skytram we continued on to Hinton.  It was a beautiful ride, but pretty uneventful.

We ended up having a quiet evening at a campground just outside of town.  The next day we had planned on taking highway 11 home, but had to retrace our route as the highway was still closed.

The following video is a collection of pictures I took that weekend – From the back of a Goldwing.   If you like this post, Subscribe to my YouTube channel, join us on FaceBook, or follow me on Twitter.  Safe travels!









Too Close For Comfort

This is a very short video, but you’ll get the idea.   This buffalo was headed right for us, we had no were to go – to make matters worse we were pulling a trailer.  Vehicles kept coming towards us, but he was determined to walk right down the middle of the road.    Needless to say I had to edit out much of the video as it was either sky or dirt, I was so nervous.

I got to see this buffalo eyeball to eyeball, way closer than I ever wanted.  Those buggers are big!

The following video is a collection of pictures I took – From the back of a Goldwing.   If you like this post, Subscribe to my YouTube channel, join us on FaceBook, or follow me on Twitter.  Safe travels!